Introducing Above The Battlefield

Above The Battlefield is a new WW1 Revisited project which will feature film of the Great War battlefields taken from an aerial drone, in this case a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. The traces of the Great War are found all over the Western Front but at times it is hard to see them properly. By filming them from above this will add a new dimension our understanding of the battlefields as they are today.

A test filming trip was made to the Somme last week and this short trailer features some of the film from this trip; this gives a taster of what is possible and more filming will take place this winter, with future videos released via the WW1 Revisited YouTube Channel and this website in due course.

3 Comments on “Introducing Above The Battlefield

  1. Very interesting. Wish I could help with this. You need to be in contact with Sir Hew Strachan and Jay Winter. Peter

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