Courcelette British Cemetery

This photograph was taken in early evening light, during the summer of 2012.

Courcelette British Cemetery is located in the heart of the Somme battlefields close to the village which was captured by Canadian troops on 15th September 1916. There are 1,970 graves in the cemetery of which 1,180 are unidentified. The majority of burials are Australians from the fighting at Pozieres and Mouquet Farm, and Canadians from Courcelette and Regina Trench.


4 Comments on “Courcelette British Cemetery

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  2. ive visited courcelette on the somme quite a few times its such a lovely place and its so peacefull , I love paying my respects to all the men who gave there lives for me to be here today ,

  3. Have visited this cemetery several times, am researching a missing Canadian solider of the 31st battalion C.E.F. South Alberta Regiment. My hunch is he is buried in this cemetery.

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