Above The Battlefield: Christmas Truce Trenches

Today I was in Flanders visiting the area around Ypres. Close to the village of Ploegsteert, or ‘Plugstreet‘ as the British Tommy called it, I went to Prowse Point Cemetery, in modern Wallonia and near to where the Christmas Truce took place in December 1914. An international event is taking place here this year for the centenary of the Truce and as part of this a set of trenches is being constructed alongside Prowse Point Military Cemetery. Some film of this will be coming soon as part of the Above The Battlefield project.

8 Comments on “Above The Battlefield: Christmas Truce Trenches

  1. Not really impressed. Prowse Point was such a peaceful, contemplative cemetery.

  2. Halfway house Trench construction yet again……….seen close up shots elsewhere. N ‘ er one thing or another…. Not authentic looking and concrete floors etc…..

    Why did this happen? Couldn’t it be a contemplative place instead of this pastiche?

    • It’s hard to tell what the end result of this will be like at present but what surprised me and my colleagues yesterday was how close this was to the cemetery.

  3. It’s to close to the cemetery, not very fitting if you ask me.

  4. I was at Prowse Point Cemetery on Saturday 22/11/14..
    if you continue on past for about another 150 yards,you arrive at the Khaki Chums Chrismas Truce Cross.

  5. I could see through it if these where actual trenches, but they are a reconstruction. Far to close. so uniform it could even be a Photoshop..

  6. The thought of a some sentimental cack handed media reenaction of the truce right alongside the graves of brave men makes me feel ill. Is there nothing anybody can do to stop this???

  7. Could anyone have found a less appropriate location for this construction? I doubt it. What next?

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