First Ypres: Black Watch Corner

This week marks the centenary of the start of the First Battle of Ypres when the men of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) defended the ground around Ypres for the first time in what would become almost four years of constant fighting in this area.

The magnificent Black Watch Memorial at the site of Black Watch Corner near Polygon Wood overlooks the battlefield where a century ago the Old Contemptibles fought their largest battle of the 1914 campaign which will be remembered in Flanders this week.

2 Comments on “First Ypres: Black Watch Corner

  1. Field Marshal Haig’s Own Pipes & Drums will organise a modest ceremony at Black Watch Corner on 11 November at 14.00 hour (02.00 PM), on the very 100th anniversary of the events of 11 November 1914.

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