Above The Battlefield: Ovillers Military Cemetery

Ovillers is a village on the Somme battlefields, taken by German troops in September 1914 and which later formed part of their defences in what would become Mash Valley on 1st July 1916; the First Day of the Battle of the Somme. The village was finally cleared more than a week later and during the winter of 1916/17 a cemetery was made here for casualties coming back from the front line between Thiepval and Courcelette. Ovillers Military Cemetery was enlarged after the war to 3,440 of which 2,480 were unidentified.

This aerial image of the cemetery was taken with the DJI Phantom as part of the Above The Battlefield project. Winter sunshine casts long shadows across the graves and even from this low-level the size of the cemetery is apparent.

Some film of the flights over the cemetery is coming up on the site next week.

One Comment on “Above The Battlefield: Ovillers Military Cemetery

  1. What a stupid waste of young life. The human race seems indifferent to its inhumanity to its fellow man! There has to be a better way of conflict resolution

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