Cuckoo Passage Cemetery

Cuckoo Passage Cemetery is midway between Heninel and Fontaine-les-Croisilles. The village of Heninel will be found on the D33 road, Boisleux St Marc to Wancourt. From Rue de Wancourt, turn right to Rue de St Germain, then left at the fork for 800 metres, then right at the fork on road to Cherisy Road East Cemetery (CWGC signposted). 1 kilometre further on road access to a small track will be seen and Cuckoo Passage Cemetery is 120 metres along this track.

Cuckoo Passage Cemetery (named from a trench which ran from north-east to south-west beside the site of the cemetery) was begun by a divisional burial officer in April 1917 and closed in May. The cemetery contains 54 First World War burials, one of which is unidentified.

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