Louvencourt Military Cemetery

Louvencourt is a village 13 kilometres south-east of Doullens on the road to Albert (D938). Louvencourt Military Cemetery is on the south-eastern side of the village.

From July 1915 to August 1916, field ambulances were established at Louvencourt, which was nearly 10 kilometres behind the front line on 1st July 1916. Following the 1916 Somme offensive, these medical units moved further east and the cemetery was little used until the German advances of April 1918 pushed the Allied line back to its old position. The graves of 1918, in rows D and E, relate to the climax of that fighting. There are now 151 Commonwealth burials of the First World War in this cemetery and 76 French war graves dating from 1915.

The cemetery also contains three graves from the Second World War. The cemetery, one of the first three Commission cemeteries to be built after the First World War, was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

One Comment on “Louvencourt Military Cemetery

  1. My great Uncle was James Openshaw Plot 1. Row C. Grave 48.I don’t suppose you took any photographs of his grave did you, we only very recently found out about him, and it is strange how you can have such feelings for someone you don’t even know. Thank you very much. Melanie

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