Above The Battlefield Video: Hooge Crater

Hooge Crater Cemetery has 5,923 graves; more than half of them are unknown soldiers. One of the great Silent Cites of Flanders it sits on a ridge astride the Menin Road close to where flame-throwers were used for the first time against British troops in July 1915 and was the scene of intensive mining activity as tunnellers fought beneath the Western Front.

Filming cemeteries like this for the Above The Battlefield project helps show the sheer scale of loss and the size of war cemeteries like this one.

2 Comments on “Above The Battlefield Video: Hooge Crater

  1. Awesome work Paul, many thanks for posting these images up, take care my friend.

  2. Well done, Paul !
    A new perspective of old familiar cemeteries often walked. but never forgotten.
    For those who have never been, it is a sight that gives a feeling of magnitude of loss.

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