Above The Battlefield: Hooge Crater Cemetery

Hooge was a small hamlet on the Menin Road east of Ypres and the scene of fighting from the First Battle of Ypres in October 1914. By 1915 it was very much on the front line and saw the first use of flamethrowers against British troops in July 1915 and became an area of intensive mining activity beneath the Western Front.

Hooge Crater Cemetery was a post-war burial ground and made by clearing the surrounding areas where fighting took place. There are 5,923 graves here and the entrance has a round feature symbolising the mine warfare that once raged here. Directly opposite is the superb Hooge Crater Museum.

One thing I am discovering from the Above The Battlefield project is that these images and film help show the sheer scale of some of these Great War sites and this is certainly true with this view of Hooge Crater Cemetery: it clearly demonstrates what a vast Silent City this is.

5 Comments on “Above The Battlefield: Hooge Crater Cemetery

  1. What a superb shot and excellent quality ,a great perspective and most impressive

  2. A view we never see, this brings to life our memory of the dead.

  3. A wonderful pic that gives a completely different perspective.

  4. been here and to museum on Leger battlefield tour

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