Gavrilo Princip’s Cellblock, Terezin


In the streets of Sarajevo on this day a hundred years ago the Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip stood up from beside a street cafe and emptied the contents of his automatic pistol into a car bearing Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, killing them both. The outrage over the murder of the heir to the Austrian throne would bring about the conflict that became the Great War, and was the first of thirty seven days which lead to war in August 1914.

Princip was arrested in Sarajevo and eventually imprisoned in the old garrison town of Terezin. This would later become part of Czechoslovakia and during the Second World War the garrison became a concentration camp known as Theresienstadt. While today Terezin is best known for being a Holocaust site the cellblock where Princip was detained and died in 1918 has also been preserved and the Terezin museum includes a section on his imprisonment here.

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