Welcome to WW1 Revisited

WW1 Revisited is my third and final website for the First World War Centenary. My others have been WW1 Centenary.net and Great War Photos.

With WW1 Revisited you can follow the journey I intend to take over the next four years revisiting the battlefields of the First World War across Europe and beyond, photographing what remains of the Great War battlegrounds a century after the fighting.

I will be photographing these battlefields with everything from an iPhone to a Nikon DSLR, and also aim to use some WW1 period cameras that were actually taken into the trenches. In addition the site will include video as well as images, and I hope to have some guest content as part of it, too.

There are already some photos on the site for you to browse, with more coming soon, and as part of this website launch I am about to head off on a journey along the entire Western Front, going from the beaches at Nieuport to the far end on the Swiss border at Pfetterhouse: I will be adding images from this trip to the site as I travel.

The First World War Centenary is a fascinating period to remember and reflect, as well as learn, so join me on this journey to Revisit WW1.

2 Comments on “Welcome to WW1 Revisited

  1. Now Ron’s care makes outside travel a thing of the past, this sounds an excellent way of following your journeying. Hoping this site will be a way for him to follow you, together with photos too.

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